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Autumn 2010: Hamills Killer

Hamills Killer
Hamills Killer
Hook: 8 - 12
Head: Black thread
Underbody: Red thread over lead &
  Golden pheasant tips
Body: Green Hamills feathers
Tail: Black fox tail fibres
It has been very dry at Uncle Billy's this year with little rain falling. However, the fishing has been excellent. During Easter, the fish were very active in all the dams. At Yoolimba, trout were often seen leaping from the water to catch insects. The fish seemed most active during mid-morning.

Many types of fly were successful during Easter. Fishing from the boat in the middle of the dam using olive green woolly buggers proved the most successful, and the largest fish caught was a 4 - 5lb Rainbow. Other flies that were successful included black midge patterns, red tags, and "head & shoulders". In five casts, four fish were landed using a Hamills Killer.

The fly featured this season is the Hamills Killer. A sinking link can be used from the bank, and the fly is retrieved using short, sharp strips. During Easter, this proved to be irresistible to the already actively feeding trout. This pattern represents a fast swimming nymph or small fish, and the sinking line helps to get the fly down in the strike zone as quickly as possible.

We have recorderd the most successful flies used at Uncle Billy's since 2003. There are over 20 different flies which have been featured on the website. To view flies from other months, choose from the list below: