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Fly Fishing gear
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Rainbow Trout

  • Fishing is based on a catch and release system. There are restrictions on how many fish anglers can keep.
  • All lakes at Uncle Billy's Retreat are Fly Fishing only. (Children and those unable to use a fly rod may use a spinning rod, but only single hook flies are to be used.)
  • Lures with treble hooks are not allowed.
  • Bait fishing is not allowed.
  • There is a row boat for guests to use.
Click to view a Video (WMV file) Click on this image to view a short Video of a Rainbow Trout in the shallows at Uncle Billy's. (1.8M Video streaming file)

Rainbow buck
A Big 7½lb Rainbow buck.

7lb Rainbow hen
Releasing a 7lb Rainbow hen.

9lb Rainbow hen
A 9lb Trophy Trout.

4lb Rainbow buck
A hard fighting 4lb Rainbow buck.

Great for Beginners
A great place for beginners!

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