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FL#33 - "Backcasts": The following letter was published in the Backcasts section of the FlyLife magazine (Spring 2003 edition - FL#33).

I'd like to give you some feedback on Peter Leuver's "Head & Shoulders Emerger" featured in FL#31. The family and I recently spent a week at wonderful Uncle Billy's Retreat in the New England Tablelands over the Easter period (yes, I know, poor me). This year the conditions where ideal with many fish being taken on woolly-buggers during the day. Most evenings saw excellent hatches of Chironomids which the trout exploited ravenously.

I consider myself very inexperienced at emerger/dry fly fishing, although to me this is the ultimate in trout fishing. We have often fished these evening rises during previous trips with little success. A bad case of "Angler's Curse" was often muttered as we trudged back to the cabin for an analysis of "where we went wrong" (over one or two glasses of 'red', of course).

However, this year, armed with the "Head & Shoulders Emerger", I enjoyed a sight which I had only dreamed of previously. The weeks leading up to the trip I tied a few of these flies, using CDC for the first time. This stuff is great no more messy floatant. The very first evening saw the trout working methodically as a hatch started. The little emerger sat wonderfully on top of the water, with the little CDC wing giving me a perfect view of the emerger's location - luckily in the path of a working fish. To my joy (and astonishment), a swirl engulfed the fly and I was into a beautiful rainbow trout.

Thanks Flylife for presenting this fly. It has given me a wonderful experience I will never forget. I can thoroughly recommend the "Head & Shoulders Emerger" for those who, like me, have often found trout feeding on Chironomids more than challenging.

Peter, please add the New England Tablelands to your list of locations where this fly has been successful.

Nick Young, Brisbane, QLD.