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Fly of the Season

Year 2005
Below are a collection of flies which were successfully used at Uncle Billy's Retreat during the Year 2005. To view additional information, just click on your choice.
Mrs Simpson
Jan 05: Mrs Simpson
Brown Woolly Bugger
Feb 05: Woolly Bugger
Bead-head Woolly Bugger
Mar 05: Woolly Bugger
Apr 05: Buzzer
Brown Nymph
May 05: Brown Nymph
Stonefly Nymph
Jun 05: Stonefly
Damsel Nymph
Jul 05: Damsel
Mrs Simpson
Aug 05: Mrs Simpson
Sep 05: Coachman
Hare & Copper
Oct 05: Hare&Copper
Hamills Killer
Nov/Dec 05: Hamills